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We believe medicine should be universally accessible, and that the Cannabis Industry has the potential to drive innovation across many facets of our lives. As the Industry continues to rapidly evolve and grow, our team strives to provide exceptional value, customer service, and consistency you can count on!


We are committed to your patients’ satisfaction and we pride ourselves in our quality, consistency and customer service. All of our products are tested at multiple stages with the most advanced equipment available. We invite you to experience why Bumblebee is becoming California’s favorite vaporizer


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Frequently Asked Questions regarding our Products, Practices and Test Results

  • How does the pen work?

    The pen comes pre-loaded with a full gram of concentrate and a pre-charged battery. Once out of the packaging, simply remove the plastic cap from the mouthpiece, and inhale.

  • What does the pen contain?

    The pen contains a full gram of strain-specific concentrate, and a small amount of vegetable flavoring. The vegetable flavoring helps the concentrate wick up the pen properly, delivering a potent dose of medicine.

  • What type of battery is used in the pen?

    The pen contains a pre-charged nickel cadmium battery, which is nearly 100% recyclable once collected.

  • What if the pen's red LED light is flashing?

    The pen can overheat if drawn for too long, causing the red LED light to flash. We suggest 3 to 4 second inhales for the best-tasting dose of medicine.

    If the light blinks, give the pen a few minutes to cool down before taking another dose. If the pen still does not produce vapor, it may be empty.

  • How long will the pen last? How can I tell when the pen is empty?

    Some patients inhale longer than others, so the pen's lifespan varies per person. The pen is empty when you draw from it, the LED lights up, but you no longer get a dose of medicine.

  • Once the pen is empty, can I recycle it?

    Yes, the pen is recyclable. Bumblebee recycle bins are posted at dispensaries that carry our products. Drop off your old pen when you come in for a new one.

    Additonally, you can visit to find a recycling location near you.

  • What if my pen isn't working? Can I exchange my pen?

    If your pen is not working properly, these troubleshooting tips may help. Flip the pen backwards and blow through the end where the LED light glows. Also try taking a long inhale from the mouthpiece - somewhere between 6 and 8 seconds. These techniques can "unstick" the concentrate inside the pen.

    If those tricks don't work, we have an exchange policy in place at every access point that sells our products. Specifics of an exchange vary by location, so you may need to bring your receipt, or the defective unit with you to complete the process. Please contact the access point where you bought the pen for details.

  • Do you carry any products that are high in CBD?

    We don't currently carry products that are high in CBD, but hope to in the near future. We'll be sure to announce when we do!

  • What does the information on the packaging label mean?

    The label on a product's packaging displays strain type and name, along with our test results from Anresco Laboratories. Our products are tested to ensure patients aren't being exposed to residual chemicals, pesticides, or any forms of mold. We also provide patients with detailed information on the cannabinoids found in our strains, and at what percentages they appear.

  • How can I tell if my product contains indica, sativa, or hybrid concentrate?

    Strain type and name are displayed on the product's packaging. The pen also features strain information on its housing, and a colored band indicating red for sativa, purple for indica, and green for a hybrid of the two.

  • Where can I purchase Bumblebee products?

    The Vape Locator section of this site displays each of our access points. Search for a specific strain and product, or enter your city or zip code to view all of our nearby locations.

  • How can I tell which Bumblebee products are in stock at different access points?

    The Vape Locator section of this site displays the access points currently stocked with each of our products. Click the 'Locate' button for the product you're interested in to list its locations on the map.

  • Can I purchase Bumblebee products outside of California? How about internationally?

    Currently, our products are available only in the state of California. They are not available in any other part of the U.S., nor internationally. As soon as they are, we will be sure to announce it!

  • Can you ship Bumblebee products to me?

    Unfortunately, because the sale of cannabis is not federally legalized, we cannot currently ship Bumblebee products.

  • How can I carry Bumblebee products at my dispensary or delivery?

    We would love for you to join the Hive! Send an e-mail to with your name and contact phone number. One of our sales representatives will respond promptly to discuss all of the details.

  • How much do Bumblebee products cost?

    Bumblebee products vary in cost depending on the product and the access point.

  • How do I get a medical marijuana card?

    Obtaining your medical cannabis recommendation is a process that varies from state to state. In California, you will need to visit a doctor who specifically evaluates patients for medical cannabis cards. (You can usually find one near you by googling or by calling a nearby access points for recommendations!) After your evaluation, the doctor will decide whether or not to issue you a medical cannabis card - and then you can visit an access point to pick up your Bumblebee Vape products!

  • What's the difference between indica, sativa, and hybrid strains?

    Indica and sativa are the two best known species of cannabis, each with its own predominant characteristics. There are many defining traits, but indicas tend to have stronger body effects, while sativas can be more mentally stimulating. Hybrids blend strains to produce unique combinations of the two.

Anresco Laboratories of San Francisco, CA provides comprehensive test results for each of our cannabis products. Unlike many cannabis-only laboratories, Anresco is ISO 17025 accredited, FDA registered, and has a proven track record of accurate results.